Hammock Beach Resort Oceanfront Destination Wedding in Palm Coast, FL | Bright, bold, tropical colors!

hammock beach resort destination wedding photography in palm coast, FL with colors of purple, pink, coral, green


David and Melissa are a couple from Boston who had a destination wedding at Hammock Beach Resort.  This was such an amazing event!  The colors will just make you stop in your tracks.  I love that Melissa was not afraid of color when she planned this one.  Purples, blues, pinks, coral, green…  And it all came together so well!  These two are very comfortable in front of the camera which just makes my job that much easier.  Combine that with the beautiful landscapes at Hammock Beach and it was just a dream come true.  The air-conditioned oceanfront tent wasn’t too shabby either…  Haha!



Big thanks to you both and a whole lot of wishes coming to you for an awesome life together!

:) Kristen

  • Laura Przybylowski - These photos are STUNNING! I am blown away!!!

    -Laura, MOH

  • Melissa - Thank you so much. These pictures you have taken are incredible and stunning. Thank you so much for capturing our love and glow. You are amazing and so wonderful to work with too!!

  • Kaelin Grant - I cried again. SUCH beautiful pictures. They perfectly capture the most perfect day. That slideshow was wonderful. Melissa and David – you guys look so overjoyed. I’m so happy I got to be a part of your wedding. It was amazing. Yay!

  • Becca - Absolutely perfect! Kristen your work is just stunning. So happy we could share this wonderful day with you, Mel and David.

  • Sarah - The photographs are a perfect testament to what was a gorgeous and lovely day. Such beautiful colors, smiles, and overall wedding bliss!

  • Allison - These are absolutely gorgeous! The pictures capture every emotion and the colors are amazing! I couldn’t stop smiling for the beautiful couple!

  • Eric - Awesome! What amazing memories, and perfectly captured!

  • David - I’m looking through the proofs right now. You did such an amazing job! We can’t thank you enough. I appreciate that we have every beautiful moment captured for a lifetime.

  • Barry Alkire - The slideshow is awesome,great job Kristen

  • Skye Alta - I love these photos!! It was such a beautiful and memorable day!

  • Jerilyn - The pictures are beautiful!

  • Meredith - A lovely montage of photos for a lovely couple! :)

  • Anna - BEAUTIFUL! I am so happy for you two and these pictures have really captured your love for one another!

  • Erin - These pictures are stunning. You did a beautiful job!

  • Janet Grant - The most incredible weddings pictures I have ever seen!!!!!!! Spectacular! The setting,

    the flowers, the dresses, but most importantly, two beautiful people very much in

    love! Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Laura, Mother of the Bride - My baby girl and her new hubby look absolutely DELICIOUS! I could eat them both up! Amazing photographs by an outstanding photographer, Lanier Star. My Melissa and her David have their beautiful memories perserved in a most perfect way for all time!

  • Denise Stidd - Beautiful pictures! So elegant!

  • Deborah Przybylowski - The photographs of Melissa and David are absoulutely gorgeous. What a beautiful couple. DP

  • Amanda - I think Melissa and David’s photos came out spectacular! Gorgeous!!!!!!

  • Bryan Catarra - What a beautiful couple. The photographer did an amazing job capturing the magic of the day!

  • HK - What a beautiful wedding!

  • Thomas - Wow! Such a lovely couple and a beautiful setting. Wonderful job.

  • David Lloyd - These iamges are fantastic! Well done! It looks like it was a wonderful day!

  • Charlotte Price - I can’t believe how nice the pictures turned out. Tremendous, tremendous job.

  • Jocelyn - Beautiful photos!

  • Kellyanne - Beautiful photos of a wonderful couple!

  • David Dolinger - Kristin you did a great job capturing the special moments of David & Melissa’s special day. The pictures are magnificent!

  • Kathy Dolinger - They are all amazing. The ones of the vail in the breeze should be in a magazine.

    kathy-Mom of groom

  • Colleen - Simply stunning. I wish I could have been with you on your day!!! XOXOXO

  • Matthew Chaber - Beautiful I love them!!!

  • Lisa, Vinny & Ava - Gorgeous pictures! They really captured the beauty and happiness of the day!

  • Lauren - All true pictures of love and happiness well deserved, beautifully done.

  • Danielle - The wedding looked absolutely beautiful. All the colors were so vibrant. The pictures look fantastic!

  • Leagh@bunchesdirect - So bright and beautiful! This couple will have best memories of this special day because of your great talent! Thank you for what you are doing!

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